Not every farming entity is into sizeable commercial activities. Many hobby farms can be found in several different countries. Canada has a large selection of these farms, just as the UK does, as well as the United States. These hobby farms often have enough land to be able to grow decent sized crops. The crops are not big enough to serve the commercial markets, but at the same time are too big for a single family. There is a win-win solution for this.

Selling Home Grown Food at the Farmer’s Market

The hobby farmer has the perfect resource for selling homegrown foods which is the local farmers’ markets. Usually, a group of local small farmers will band together and form an association. The focus is on them being able to come together in one central location where they can sell their produce. It doesn’t matter whether they have many of the same items, they are not worried about competing against each other. They feel that there are enough avid purchasers to satisfy everyone.

A Great Service

These small farmers that have come together to sell their product are doing an excellent service to their customers. Most often, they are able to offer better prices for the same items that have been imported into the local supermarkets. When it comes to freshness, it is impossible to beat this “from farm to table” concept. In many cases, the food that is grown is organic, so it is free from pesticides. If it’s not, then the farmers usually try to use a minimal amount of these chemicals.

A farmers market in a local area can really bring a community together. The customers are supporting these local operations, and the small time farmer has a useful outlet for their homegrown products.