One of the delightful aspects of spring and summer is the opportunity to buy locally grown food. This is something that is becoming more popular for several reasons, including that it can be purchased at a relatively low price, and in bulk.

Some Ideas of Local Produce that Can Be Frozen

One useful locally grown item that can be purchased is apples. These are also a food commodity that, if prepared correctly, can be frozen. Apples that have been frozen can be used for a variety of different purposes, including pies, desserts and flavored butter. Freezing your food may not take as long as you think, just play some puzzle games, and before you know it, it is ready! This is just one example of a locally grown fruit. There is also a wide selection of vegetables that can also be bought locally and frozen. Some examples of this are carrots, peppers, and corn.

Local Produce that can be Preserved

With the large selection of fruit and vegetables that are locally grown, many of them can be preserved as jam, jellies or chutneys. With the vast variety of tomatoes that can be bought locally, many people are now making their own pasta sauces and canning these. When they do this, they are using the freshest of vegetables, and are able to make enough sauce to take them right through the winter months.


Another option with some of the fruit and vegetables is to make use of a food dehydrator. This allows the food preparer to take the items, and with the proper equipment, extract the water from them. Once totally dehydrated, they can then be preserved in jars and bags. As long as they are sealed airtight, the food will last for many months.

There are just a few examples of the way that locally grown food can be bought at reasonable prices, then utilized all year round. It may take extra time, but the efforts are well worth it.