Some may think that if they don’t have several acres of land, then they cannot grow their own food. This is definitely a fallacy, and it is amazing at just how much produce can be increased with very little space. Individuals that have less than an acre of land can grow a variety of food and, in enough quantity, that they could sell some of it locally.

First Step

The first step is to determine just how much space there is for crop growing. This has to be land where the soil will be suitable for growing fruits or vegetables, you have to plan strategically. It has to have a source of water, soil that has all of the required nutrients and exposure to sunlight.

Second Step

Determine what can be best grown in the amount, and condition, of the space that is available. For example, a small section of land would not be best used for corn. But, it may be ideal for growing peas or beans. Some careful research will help to find the answers for this.

Third Step

Is there going to be a market for what can be grown? If everyone is growing the same vegetables locally, then, this adventure is not going to be a viable one. But, if a crop is grown that is not facing much competition, then this can turn out to be a lucrative financial adventure.

Fourth Step

An outlet has to be sought out for selling the produce once harvest time arrives. There is no point in growing large amounts of food if there is no need for it or a place to be able to sell it. Most often this is not an issue. There are plenty of towns that have local farmers markets that welcome new vendors. It is just a matter of sourcing these out and being available during their hours of operation.