Many websites are dedicated to local food, and there are also a lot of sites that are devoted to farming. However, there are not many that have combined the two interests, and that is what we are all about. Commerical agriculture is, of course, a vital industry, but the small local farmer plays a significant role in bringing food from land to the tables of consumers. This site is dedicated to them and their worthwhile efforts. It will encourage consumers to really take a look at what their local food producers have to offer and to support them.


The What to Buy Section

This is a section of the website that offers an introduction to the local food and farming activities that take place in many of the small and large communities, towns and rural areas. It doesn’t matter whether it is the UK, Canada or the United States, the concept, and the importance are just the same. The information here is entertaining and informative and hopefully will encourage many readers to think twice before purchasing their food.

The Pro Section

This section is all about the many benefits that local food and farming bring. This applies to both the food growers, as well as the consumers. Here some of the major benefits are discussed and hopefully will encourage further thought about some of the points that are made here.

How to Grow

This is a short section dedicated to those who think that they would like to venture out into growing their own food. A venture where they could sell what they produce, which means, perhaps, starting a micro business. It is a beginners section meant to pique the interest of those who have a bit of spare land, and some extra time they could put to good use.